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Monitoring irrigation water between coral reefs

Lifou Island in the archipelago of New Caledonia

Lifou Coral is a dream island in the archipelago of New Caledonia, a French overseas territory in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. It is a lush island, a destination for sea lovers and snorkellers, where you can come into contact with the traditional customs and traditions of the Kanak tribes.

Advanced radio system for filters flushing in a water treatment plant

Pontelagoscuro in Ferrara (ITALY)

An imposing drinking water plant is active, capable of ensuring an average flow rate of about 1,000 L/s for the benefit of about 250,000 inhabitants. The main source of freshwater treated is the river Po. The water is collected by the river by electric pumps and sent to the treatment plants.

"Intelligent" remote control of the sewerage network

The municipalities of Mantova (Italy)

The inter-municipal system currently treats wastewater from a population equivalent of about 70,000 equivalent inhabitants, with a territorial extension of about 242 km2 and a sewerage network of several dozen kilometers.

Medio Chiampo renews its remote control service

Gambellara, Montebello, Zermeghedo in Vicenza (Italy

The capacity of the purification plant managed by Medio Chiampo is equal to more than 400,000 Equivalent Inhabitants compared to 20,000 Equivalent Inhabitants of the civil line.

Remote control 4.0 for Alto Trevigiano Servizi

Schievenin Valley in Belluno (Italy)

The recent project of modernization of the plants put in place by Alto Trevigiano Servizi has provided for the integration of different monitoring and remote control systems into a single platform for data collection, remote assistance, predictive maintenance, and energy monitoring.

Remote control for wastewater treatment and rainwater lifting

In the region of Lazio (Italy), Rome area, Via Salaria

A remote control system on a IIoT platform shelters the main Mercedes dealership in Rome from the floods of the Tiber. It is the one realized by Cogeco with Italian technologies SENECA (data acquisition and local control) and Rilheva (supervision and alarm management).

SENECA and Plastic Puglia together for precision farming

"Smart Irrigation" is a control system for irrigation pumping systems.

Plastic Puglia, an Italian company active since 1967 and a world leader in irrigation and precision agriculture, launches "Smart Irrigation", a control system for irrigation pumping systems capable of remotely monitoring and managing processes in the field through the combined use of innovative technological solutions.