Reliability and High Connectivity! Multifunction CPU for your energy management applications

These CPUs are based on the Straton IEC 61131-3 softPLC platform and include I/O channels, 4G modem and data logging, gateway and ModBUS pass-through advanced functions. These devi..


The innovative energy solution for your plants

Awareness of power consumption is the first fundamental step to start facing an energy efficiency project. In this scenario SENECA proposes an integrated system for the rationaliza..


Temperature & Humidity wireless measurements! Create your own sensor network.

R-GWR is a radio interface gateway designed to collect and share environmental parameters from wireless sensors useful to detect temperature, humidity and status of analog and digi..


MyALARM3 Cloud: no software is needed, you configure your system via smartphone!

MyALARM3 Cloud is the new smart solution for control and monitoring of unattended remote sites. A highly versatile IIoT system for building automation and industrial environments.


Data Recorder 2.0, find out how to capture data in ModBUS with a free webinar (IT lang.)

Data Recorder 2.0 is an open, scalable, multi-connection DAQ software for data acquisition, recording and analysis via ModBUS. Available for free with unlimited 2-channel license.


Maximum efficiency for your industrial plants! Power Quality Analyzer from ISKRA

SENECA has activated a strategic partnership and becomes an exclusive Iskra distributor for the Italian market of Power Quality Analyzer MC784 and iMC784 certified EN61000-4-30 Ed...


SENECA joins PROFIBUS&PROFINET consortium! Ongoing promotion and coming soon news!

SENECA products with integrated Profinet IO protocol can offer greater speed and ease of management especially with high volumes of data and devices. The IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 st..


New multi-protection relay. Version for electric motors and pumps up to 400V

S91 is a multi-protection relay for electric motors able to detect incorrect phase sequence, phase failure, excess current consumption and no-load operation. S91-400 version can al..


Connect your systems with Z-PASS2! 4G IoT/MQTT gateway supporting LTE worldwide bands

Z-PASS2 integrates gateway functions, LAN/4G router, VPN support, LAN/WAN switch, serial device server, If-then-else logic, data logger features, alarm management and remote contr..


Extended connectivity and new power supply range for our best-in-class data logger

Our best-in-class IoT//M2M data logger Z-LTE now includes a new multiband modem and a new power supply range to include 12 Vdc battery applications as well (11..40 Vdc or 19..28 Va..