Low consumption & High efficiency! DC loop-powered transducer 4..20 mA

T201DC is a self-powered and galvanically isolated DC transducer. The unit includes function and appearance similar to a standard active CT but it is capable of measuring the direc..


8-CH TC inputs module with pull-out "flying" terminals

Z-8TC-LAB is an 8-CH TC inputs module featuring ModBUS communication, cold junction compensation, accuracy class 0.1%, 16-bit resolution and 1.5 kVac 6-way isolation.


Multi-protection motor relay with advanced diagnostics

S91 is a protection relay for electric motors able to detect incorrect phase sequence, phase failure, excess current consumption and no-load operation. The unit includes 6 adjustme..


4G/MQTT High-Performance best-in-class datalogger

SENECA expands the range of IoT Dataloggers with a new best-in-class, Z-LTE. The device includes logic, remote control and remote alarm functions. It offers performance and scalabi..


Blog is Online! | Articles, news and tips on Automation

SENECA doesn't stop! In a difficult period like the current one, SENECA provides quality, multilingual and free online content in a new Blog dedicated to all Automation operators.


MyALARM SeAL, new IoT All-In-One Datalogger for small plants and installations

MyALARM SeAL is an IoT data logger with control logic, remote control and remote alarm functions. An All-In-One panel solution that integrates 6 I/O channels, an NTC sensor, a GPS ..


Isolation, Conversion, Programming. Find out our 3in1 USB <-> Serial converter!

S117P1 is a portable serial converter from USB to RS232, RS485 or TTL UART COM ports designed for the configuration of industrial transducers and modules.


High accuracy weighing solution Advanced strain gauge load cell converter

SENECA extends the range of strain gauge load cell converters with Z-SG2. With 3-Way insulation up to 1.500 Vac, a load cell sensitivity from 1 to 64 mV/V and an accuracy class of ..


Small on DIN Rail Space Big on Capabilities, Features, and Performance

In 6,2 mm ultra slim case, SENECA K-Line converters provide high performance signal conditioning, isolation and alarm functionality for a wide range of process signals.


Unique calibrator on the market! More functions, more measurements, more accuracy, more versatility of use.

With an accuracy class better than 0.05% for each input/output type, the MSC calibrator offers measurement and generation /simulation of analog, digital, temperature sensor and loa..