Automation is in your hands with MyALARM units!

MyALARM remote alarm units are compact all-in-one units designed to manage, monitor and implement small automation for homes, buildings, industrial plants, machinery, and unmanned sites.


Best-in-class module for signal acquisition, conversion and isolation

The Z170REG-1 is the best-selling module among Z-Line signal isolators and converters. A reliable, robust and easy-to-install signal converter unit. The right solution for conditioning industrial analog, electrical and temperature sensor signals.


Meat monitoring goes SMART!

SENECA has built numerous partnerships in all industrial sectors to spread the excellence and innovation guaranteed by its technologies. In collaboration with the System Integrator Tecnosystem of Fanin Nereo S.r.l., an Italian company specializing in integrated solutions for Industry 4.0, an integrated system to monitor the cooling and preservation of meat has been realized inside a major food company in order to consolidate the excellence of the final product MADE IN ITALY.


Communication about winter closing period

Dear Customers and Sales Partners, SENECA offices will be closed for the winter holidays from December 24th till January 8th included. We will resume on January 9th.


Choose the R Series modules for your industrial networks. Compact Modbus or Profinet dual eth I/O devices

The R Series I/O modules are tools designed for flexible cabling requirements, small installation spaces and high I/O density applications with integrated multi-protocol communication. The modules integrate a webserver and gateway functions such as Passthrough and Ethernet Daisy Chain modes with fault-bypass. The Profinet models are IO devices (Profinet IO Class 1 RT) that can be used to design new networks or to flexibly expand existing or third-party automation networks.


Smart Metering solutions 3-phase MID energy counters with built-in communication!

S504C energy counters are used for measurement in industrial and civil environments. MID-certified devices useful for energy and fiscal metering, energy consumption totalisation/repartitioning and tariff management.


M-BUS devices into a LAN network? Find out our new Meter-bus <-> Modbus converter

Z-KEY-MBUS is a gateway capable of reading, converting, and transferring data from Meter-bus devices (up to 25 instruments) to the LAN or RS485 serial network. The gateway has been remastered with a new dual-core CPU to offer even more reliability and efficiency in applications where power meters, energy counters, sensors, and Meter-bus compatible devices need to be networked.


ModBUS TCP-IP Ethernet I/O modules. Performance and reliability for your signals

The Z-PC Series Ethernet I/O modules for analog and digital signals support ModBUS TCP-IP and ModBUS RTU communication protocols and an extended range for voltage input up to 30 V.


Versatility and performance with R-PASS-S! New compact Edge IoT controller.

The device is based on the Straton softPLC platform and comes complete with 10 I/O channels, advanced data logging functions, a gateway, Modbus pass-through, and WiFi (optional). The controller combines IT, IIoT, and Fieldbus connectivity with programmable automation even in complex or third-party architectures.


Temperature measurement for your installations. New RTD / ModBUS module with 24-bit accuracy!

Z-4RTD2-SI is a new high-precision 4-CH RTD inputs module. The device supports multiple sensors such as Ni100, Ni120, Ni1000, Cu50, Cu100, PT100, PT500, PT1000 and allows 2-, 3- or 4-wire connections.