A Guide to the Fifth Industrial Revolution. Informative videos and slides available! (IT)

SENECA provides videos and information slides for 'Industry 5.0', the future of business models and tax incentives. The aim is to offer an overview of the so-called Fifth Industrial Revolution and the Transition 5.0 Plan

In the dedicated area of the Digital Academy, in-depth videos and slides are divided into two parts.

The first part explains the basic information for understanding the birth and evolution of the 'human-centered, sustainable and resilient' model of Industry 5.0. Summary:

  1. How Industry 4.0 was born
  2. How Industry 5.0 was born
  3. The characteristics of Industry 5.0
  4. Advanced models, technologies, and applications
  5. Production, training, and work

The second part provides guidelines for accessing the system of tax incentives recently approved under the name 'Transition 5.0 Plan'. Summary:

  1. Plan Transition 5.0 incentives
  2. Transition 5.0 Plan: the certifications
  3. SENECA proposal

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