Stay connected. IoT Gateway for On-Premise or Cloud systems

Z-PASS1 and Z-PASS2 integrate advanced gateway functions, LAN/4G router, serial device server, datalogger, If-then-else functions, LAN/WAN switch and remote control/monitoring system.


Robust with High Accuracy. New current transformers with alarm contact

The T201 Series of current transformers expands with three new models (-MU) complete with status LEDs, ModBUS interface and with analog or digital alarm output.


Z-KEY-WIFI, new compact & multifunction gateway with Wi-Fi module

SENECA expands the range of IoT industrial gateways with Z-KEY-WIFI. This multifunction unit includes many features such as ModBUS Gateway, ModBUS Gateway Shared Memory, Serial Device Server, Traffic monitor and Wi-Fi module (IEEE 801.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz).


SoftPLC Straton, Multifunction controllers for your plant automation & control

SENECA controllers are compact multifunction devices based on Straton IEC 61131-3 platform. These units include web server, datalogger, gateway and ModBUS pass-through features combining MQTT/IoT/Cloud connectivity with programmable automation even in 4.0 complex architectures.


Step forward with Data Recorder! Request now your free license version

Data Recorder is an open, scalable and economical DAQ software for data acquisition and recording through ModBUS channels.


Low consumption & High efficiency! DC loop-powered transducer 4..20 mA

T201DC is a self-powered and galvanically isolated DC transducer. The unit includes function and appearance similar to a standard active CT but it is capable of measuring the direct current component.


8-CH TC inputs module with pull-out "flying" terminals

Z-8TC-LAB is an 8-CH TC inputs module featuring ModBUS communication, cold junction compensation, accuracy class 0.1%, 16-bit resolution and 1.5 kVac 6-way isolation.


Multi-protection motor relay with advanced diagnostics

S91 is a protection relay for electric motors able to detect incorrect phase sequence, phase failure, excess current consumption and no-load operation. The unit includes 6 adjustment trimmers, PTC input and diagnostic display.


4G/MQTT High-Performance best-in-class datalogger

SENECA expands the range of IoT Dataloggers with a new best-in-class, Z-LTE. The device includes logic, remote control and remote alarm functions. It offers performance and scalability also for third party PLC/HMI. This solution integrates 4G LTE modem, 4 communication ports, 8 I/O channels, GPS receiver, UPS battery and support for voice alarms / audio commands with DTMF tones.


Blog is Online! | Articles, news and tips on Automation

SENECA doesn't stop! In a difficult period like the current one, SENECA provides quality, multilingual and free online content in a new Blog dedicated to all Automation operators.