temperature, humidity, access and anti-flooding contact with R-GWR

R-GWR is a gateway designed for collecting and sharing environmental parameters via wireless sensors. With the new R-GWR-S-1 home automation sensor it is possible to detect temperature, humidity and signal status, either analog (0..30 V) or digital, such as for door opening or anti-flooding sensor activation.


Connect your PLC to the field modules with R-KEY-LT-P! Profinet <-> ModBUS gateway

R-KEY-LT-P is a compact and reliable gateway capable of transmitting data bidirectionally between Profinet and ModBUS networks.


IoT Gateway and PLC Controllers achieve prestigious UL-CSA certification

A new important milestone in SENECA quality standards. In addition to many signal converters and I/O modules, IoT Gateways and PLC Controllers also get the prestigious international certification UL-CSA.


Z-KEY-P, new Profinet IO<->ModBUS gateway/protocol converter!

Z-KEY-P is a gateway capable of transmitting data bidirectionally between Profinet IO industrial networks and ModBUS networks. This gateway is equipped with 2 serial ports and 1 Ethernet port and it is compatible with most common PLCs supporting the Profinet IO standard.


R-GWR, environmental monitoring using LoRa wireless sensors!

R-GWR is a radio interface gateway designed to collect and share environmental parameters through wireless sensors (up to 32 simultaneously) useful to detect temperature, humidity and status of analog and digital signals.


No PC or programming skills. Do it all through a powerful mobile app!

Through a powerful app available in 10 languages for iOS and Android devices you can configure, control, receive notifications, send commands, schedule actions and manage alarms in real time. No PC, no configuration software or programming environment: the complete management of the system is done via smartphone!


Accuracy, efficiency and low power consumption. AC/DC current transducers!

T201-Line AC/DC current transducers are devices able to convert the measured current value (up to ±600A) into an industrial standardized 4..20 mA, 0..10 V or RS485 signal. They offer high accuracy, measurement scales settable via DIP switch and low power consumption.


New mixed R-Series I/Os module with built-in networking!

New dual Ethernet mixed module designed for high I/Os density applications and flexible cabling needs. This module includes 8 analog inputs and 8 digital channels that can be independently configured as inputs or outputs.


S6001 Controllers, All-in-One with 31 I/O, VPN and new 4G LTE modem worldwide

SENECA S6001 is a perfect combination of automation and remote control. S6001 is the All-in-One solution that, with the new 4G modem supporting world-wide LTE bands, concentrates I/O channels, control logic and extended connectivity in a single device.


Multifunction CPU for your energy management applications

These CPUs are based on the Straton IEC 61131-3 softPLC platform and include I/O channels, 4G modem and data logging, gateway and ModBUS pass-through advanced functions. These devices combine IT, IIoT, Fieldbus connectivity with programmable automation even in complex or third-party architectures.