The updated price list in force since april 3rd is now available. Download it now!

We would like to inform you that an update of our price list is available, due to the integration of some new codes and a slight price variation affecting a limited number of items. The pricelist is in force from April 3rd.

SENECA punctually monitors trends and applies the necessary actions to optimize the supply chain, lead time, buffer stock, and production capacity. Although we make every effort, we do not rule out giving priority to scheduled orders over occasional or 'urgent' orders. In your own interest, we, therefore, invite you to plan your purchases with scheduled orders, which to a certain extent will protect you against the uncertainties of this market phase and possible delays in delivery times. Thank you.

The price list in the various formats is available in the "Sales & Partners" area. For information about the password, you can write an email to sales@seneca.it

We wish you to use the SENECA price list with profit and get your business off the ground!