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06/12/2022 | Automazione Plus

Seneca: 35 years of values, innovation and passion

SENECA is pleased to share its new institutional video, an exciting storytelling about the company, its technology infrastructure, and the vital contribution of its employees.

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25/11/2022 | Italia 4.0 - Tecnologie per lo Smart Manufacturing

Signal management, connectivity and energy efficiency

Data collection, connectivity, remote control and visualization solutions offered by Seneca strategically support the customer's business in the process of digital transformation and implementation of Industry 4.0.

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06/10/2022 | Automazione Plus

Temperature control with Seneca solutions

Seneca's proposal for temperature control embraces a wide range of reliable instruments with very high accuracy and linearity for the direct management of a wide range of sensors such as thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermistors, resistors

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03/10/2022 | Automazione Plus

Gowan Italy chooses Seneca for seismic event monitoring

Gowan Italia has chosen the control hardware, system engineering and application software development provided by Seneca to implement a monitoring system for measuring seismic events and studying the dynamic behavior of its Adria plant

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30/09/2022 | Automazione Plus

Meat monitoring becomes smart with Tecnosystem and Seneca technologies

F.lli Guerriero, a well-known pork slaughtering and processing company, has adopted Tecnosystem and Seneca's "Made in Italy" solutions to implement an integrated monitoring system for technological and energy plants

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19/05/2022 | Automazione Plus

Flexible and space-saving IO modules from Seneca

R Line I/O modules designed and manufactured by Seneca are devices designed for flexible wiring needs, small installation space, high I/O density applications with integrated ModBUS / Ethernet / Profinet IO communication

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18/05/2022 | Automazione Plus

R-PASS, the Edge Computing Solution by Seneca

R-PASS represents a family of Industrial IoT Edge computing solutions with only 32 mm deep "R" form factor. It includes multi-purpose devices with advanced gateway, datalogger, alarm management, Wi-Fi, advanced routing, logic functions, IEC 61131-3 sofPLC, IEC 60870-101/104 and IEC 61850

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11/05/2022 | IEN Italia

Dual Ethernet Power Meter

With 2 Ethernet ports that can also be used for daisy chain connections, Seneca's analyzer provides measurement and recording of voltage/current harmonics up to 55th order with THD calculation

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04/02/2021 | NT24

Current Transducers: Seneca expands the T201 Series with a new model

The new model T201DCH600-MU is the latest addition to the T201 Series, the range of AC/DC isolated, non-contact, loop-powered current transducers entirely designed and manufactured by Seneca. This model, with a particularly elegant design, covers measurement applications up to ±600A TRMS or bipolar. Compared to standard active current transformers, T201DCH600-MU performs measurement of DC and AC components.

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17/12/2020 |


A remote control system on IIoT platform protects the main Mercedes dealership in Rome from Tiber floods. It is the one realized by Cogeco with Italian technologies SENECA (data acquisition and local control) and Rilheva (supervision and alarm management).

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14/10/2020 | GISI News

MyALARM3 Cloud - Smart remote monitoring and remote alarm solution

MyAlarm3 Cloud, the third generation of SENECA's MyAlarm Series, is a system designed for remote control houses, utilities, plant, machinery and unattended sites via GPRS connection.

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02/10/2020 | MECOtech

Thermocouples and resistance thermometers: everything you need to know

The temperature in industry is a fundamental aspect of the entire production process, also because it measures various efficiency factors (energy consumption, optimization, duration…). In the case of complex systems then several are needed temperature monitoring and control equipment; SENECA has therefore developed a whole line of tools suitable for the task, including thermocouples and resistance thermometers (no, they are not the same).

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30/09/2020 | Confapi Padova

Industrial Automation Pioneer - Exclusive interview with SENECA CEO

Egidi: "I have developed dozens of prototypes sold to others. Keeping them maybe we would have become rich, but I don't regret anything".

First of all the name. It is a company that deals with industrial automation and you expect something related to mechanics or electronics, or maybe that of the owner. And instead the "dedication" is for a Latin philosopher.

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29/09/2020 | Il Giornale dell'Installatore Elettrico -

MyAlarm3 Cloud, Seneca's remote control and monitoring solution

Seneca presents MyAlarm3 Cloud, the monitoring unit for home automation, electrical, industrial and unmanned sites.

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25/09/2020 |

MyAlarm3 Cloud: the multi-application home automation control unit with mobile app

SENECA, Italian manufacturer of automation systems, presents MyAlarm3 Cloud, a new system consisting of an intelligent GSM/GPRS control unit and a mobile app for alarm management and remote control of unattended homes, plants and installations (eg. second homes or residences not reached by power line or communication).

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18/09/2020 | IEN Italia

02/09/2020 | MECOtech

Galvanic isolation: what is it, what is it used for

Galvanic isolation is a technique for conditioning the signal in order to pass the signal from the source to the measuring device through an optical or capacitive transformer or coupler.

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30/07/2020 | Italian Ingenio

Overvoltages: surge arresters to protect electronic devices

Surges are transient and impulse voltages, such as lightning strikes and electrical manoeuvres. Protection devices, or surge arresters, are available for protection.

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06/07/2020 | Italian Ingenio

Dataloggers explained by SENECA

What is a Datalogger?
A datalogger is an automatic data acquisition system, consisting of one or more electronic probes connected to a control unit capable of recording measurements according to certain parameters.

The datalogger is therefore a device that works through sensors from which it records phenomena at set time intervals.

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26/06/2020 | IEN Italia

Open Software Recorder

Data Recorder is an open, scalable and cost effective Windows PC-based software recorder, ideal for professionals, maintenance engineers, students, researchers, designers and technical department managers active in test, measurement and simulation sessions, test benches, electronics and teaching labs, test rooms, climatic chambers, engine rooms, industrial furnaces, environmental and energy measurements and plant testing.

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