Quality and Certifications

SENECA supplies its own products according to the total quality criteria. Our company system is ISO 9001 certified since 1997. The products are UL UR CSA approved for the North American market and satisfies RINA requirements for naval applications, and ATEX directive. The safety standard, electromagnetic compatibility, and electric protection comply with CE, IEC, EN norms.
The communication software interfaces are developed according to the internationally recognized standard (i.e IEC 61131, ModBUS RTU / TCP, IEC 870, CANopen, PPP, SMTP, HTML, OPC Server).




ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

UL Certification

GOST Certification

RINA, ATEX, MID certifications are no more available (Quality Assurance Office)

MID Energy counters certificates



REACH & ROHS Declaration

MTBF Declaration

Declaration of Environmental management statement

Declaration of Social Responsibility

Declaration of Supply Continuity Statement



Non-use Declaration conflict minerals

DUAL USE Declaration