OPC UA in Straton controllers and Z-PASS gateways

Implemented the OPC UA (Open Platform Communications' Unified Architecture) standard in our Straton controllers and Z-PASS gateways. An automatic communication protocol that allows plants to fully implement IoT and Industry 4.0.

OPC UA (open communication platform with unified architecture) is a standard for transverse communications based on the client-server principle through an independent platform that supports multiple security mechanisms.

With the implementation of OPC UA Client/Server in our Straton controllers Z-TWS4-S, Z-PASS2-S, S6001-RTU and OPC UA Server in our gateways Z-PASS1 and Z-PASS2 our devices can be integrated into automation applications of other manufacturers and software houses. The OPC UA data model allows users access to all parameterization functions, diagnostic information, operation and open communication support designed by the IoT / Industry 4.0 standards.