Data Recorder 2.0

Listed versions:
DR-4, DR-4-PLUS, DR-8, DR-8-PLUS, DR-16, DR-16-PLUS, DR-32, DR-32-PLUS, DR-64, DR-64-PLUS, DR-UN-PLUS
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DAQ software for acquisition and recording via ModBUS channels

Data Recorder 2.0 is an open, scalable, and affordable Windows PC-based software. A solution designed for professionals, maintainers, students, researchers, designers, and technical managers active in test, measurement, simulation, and testing sessions.
Data Recorder 2.0 supports SENECA I/O modules, power meters, and third-party ModBUS RTU slave devices through serial (RS232/RS485/ModBUS RTU) or Ethernet/ModBUS TCP communications. You can also use the software in networks with distributed I/O by using radio modems or by using access points and Wi-Fi devices. The software includes a free, unlimited user license for up to 2 channels with PLUS functions that can be integrated with multi-channel licenses as required.

Main features:
- Manual/event/scheduled data recording
- Real-time data logging in pen or display mode
- Historical data/data display via Trend Viewer
- Data storage in CSV, OPC server, SQLite format
- Advanced calibration for temperature sensors
- Alarm functions with DO management
- Automatic report management at the end of the session
- Advanced mathematical functions
- Multi-session/Multi-DB on the same PC (PLUS licenses)

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In response to the extraordinary situation of health and economic difficulties and the need to work or study at a distance that we are experiencing, SENECA provides free DAQ software capable of relaunching, stimulating and renewing the Test&Measurement sector in the industry, technological services and the world of training (technical secondary schools, universities and research centres)In particular, from June 3rd it will be possible to request, a fully functional 2-channel Data Recorder license for an unlimited time. This virtual recorder is all you need to design and commission your test and data acquisition system quickly and easily.

Data recording
Measurement acquisition from ModBUS RTU and TCP devices can be managed through SENECA I/O modules, power meters and third-party modules. Operating modes:

- Manual
- Automatic up to 8 scheduled times
- On event



Channel management
The Z-NET4 development environment (for plant projects with SENECA modules) allows to set up with a "click" the display pages containing groups of channels showing the instantaneous values acquired by the system. Alternatively, you can manually configure the devices directly in the Data Recorder.



Real-time display
Each display page corresponds to a real-time time graph containing up to eight simultaneous pens, or customizable displays, with the settable time axis.



Visualization of historical data
The dedicated Trend Viewer tool allows you to view graphs, filter, process and print data recorded on the database in both graphical and tabular format.



Mathematical Functions and equations of state
In addition to the physical channels, it is possible to create channels calculated from the combination of imported channels and mathematical operators, with the inclusion of any scaling for each channel.

- algebraic
- linear
- trigonometric
- boolean (digital channels)
- averages calculation
- compensation and deviations on measures
- equations of state for calculating fluid properties



Alarm functions
For each analog channel, you can enable a set of threshold alarms (high alarm, high alarm, low alarm and low alarm) displayed in real-time with the possibility to activate an output channel.



Report functions
Automatic report generation at the end of each recording with project display pages that can include graphs, value tables and recorded alarm tables.



Advanced calibration
For temperature sensors, it is possible to calibrate different groups of channels associated with TC or RTD by linear interpolation from a minimum of one point up to a maximum of five points per channel.



Data storage
Each record generates a database where the instantaneous, maximum, minimum and average values are written for each sample. Storage and export is available via:

- files in .CSV format
- DB SQLite
- OPC server (UA)
- OPC server (DA)



Licensing management
Licensing is managed with a one-time purchase of USB key from the 2 channel version with PLUS functions to the most complete version, depending on requirements, always with PLUS functions but with unlimited channels.



PLUS licenses:
Allowing you to run multiple simultaneous sessions on the same workstation and associate separate DBs per session.



Supported operating systems:
- Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Vista, XP
- Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003


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Product Data Recorder 2.0
Description Software for recording, displaying, and archiving data via ModBUS channels.
Supported communication ports RS232
Supported protocols ModBUS RTU
Supported devices SENECA I/O Modules
Third-party I/O Modules
(with or without PLC / sofPLC)
Data recording sampling time  From a minimum of 1s to a maximum of 24h
Simultaneous manageable display pages 64
Maximum display per page 48
Max pens per chart 8
License included in the download licence 2 channels (free and unlimited)
SW licenses available with a one-time purchase 2-channel license and PLUS functions
4-channel license
4-channel license and PLUS functions
8-channel license
8-channel license and PLUS functions
16-channel license
16-channel license and PLUS functions
32-channel license
32-channel license and PLUS functions
64-channel license
64-channel license and PLUS functions
Unlimited channel license
Unlimited channel license and PLUS functions
Supported operating systems Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Vista, XP
Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003
Registration Manual
On Event
Real-time visualization In pen or display mode (digit)
Historical data visualization Tramite free dedicated Trend Viewer tool
Special function Advanced calibration for temperature sensors via linear interpolation - 1 to 5 points per channel
Archiving On file .CSV format 
OPC server (UA)
OPC server (DA)
Alarms Advanced alarm management functions with the implementation of digital outputs. For each channel, there are 4 thresholds available (high alarm, high alarm, low alarm, low alarm) in display and storage on the database
1 write alarm threshold on an output channel
Reportistics Reports management with trigger events
Mathematical functions Arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /, ^)
Boolean operators (AND, OR, XOR, NOT)
Analog functions (Sin(), Cos(), Tan(), Sqrt(), exp(), ln(), log(), int(), sgn())
Temperature Saturation
PLUS functions  
Multi-Client | Multi-DB It lets you run multiple simultaneous sessions associated with separate DBs on the same workstation.

Manuals, flyers

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User Manual
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General specifications
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REACH and ROHS declarations
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Customs codes
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Product versions


Data Recorder, 4-channel license (USB key)

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Data Recorder, 4-channel license with multi-client and multi-DB PLUS functions (USB key)

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Data Recorder, 8-channel license (USB key)

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Data Recorder, 8-channel license with multi-client and multi-DB PLUS functions (USB key)

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Data Recorder, 16-channel license (USB key)

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Data Recorder, 16-channel license with multi-client and multi-DB PLUS functions (USB key)

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Data Recorder, 32-channel license (USB key)

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Data Recorder, 32-channel license with multi-client and multi-DB PLUS functions (USB key)

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Data Recorder, 64-channel license (USB key)

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Data Recorder, 64-channel license with multi-client and multi-DB PLUS functions (USB key)

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Data Recorder, Unlimited-channel license with multi-client and multi-DB PLUS functions (USB key)

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