FLEX is SENECA innovative technology designed to put the user at the center, catering to the growing need for flexibility. With FLEX, a single device becomes the hub of connectivity, supporting a wide range of protocols in both serial and industrial Ethernet networks. This means you can switch from one configuration to another with ease, all using the same hardware. Whether it's adapting to sudden changes in production layout or efficiently transferring data to and from PLCs and other Master/Slave or Client/Server devices, FLEX offers unprecedented versatility.

This flexible approach not only saves time and financial resources but also eliminates the complexity of managing multiple devices with different purchase codes. In any application, FLEX proves to be a winning solution, empowering users to quickly and effectively adapt to the ever-evolving challenges of the industrial world.

Currently, we offer support for energy power meter models, protocol gateway/converters, and I/O modules in the R Series and ZE Series. We are actively working to include other product categories. To easily identify devices that natively integrate this advanced technology and the various supported protocols, look for the FLEX badge on the product pages.