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According to the Italian Privacy Statement “art. 13, d.Lgs 196/03”, about personal data disposals, we inform you that your personal data, delivered by you, or collected during our institutional activity, will be subjected to treatment according to the mentioned law and the privacy obligation. All data will be kept by our head office, and they’ll be treated only for institutional aims like statistic computing, marketing, and promotional activities. At any moment you get the right of recess as conforming “art. 7 del d. Lgs. 196/03” to modify, cancel, refuse information, etc. In order to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, alteration, or not authorized access, SENECA established technical and organizational security measures. On some of the pages of the website maybe you’ll find other website links, with the only goal to give a full service to the customers. SENECA is not responsible for content and usage and approvals of these links. For every request or information about data usage, please contact SENECA s.r.l., Via Austria 26 - 35127 Padova, Tel. +39 049 8705.359, Fax +39 049 8706 287,, unique responsible of data collection.