Measurement application in the Antarctic ice with SENECA technology

Antarctic ice for SENECA technology

With minimum temperatures reaching 70 degrees below zero in August, the Uruguayan scientific research station Artigas in Antarctica is home to up to 60 people. Since April 2019, the base also houses a system of data collection and analysis of consumption made with Seneca technology. An R-KEY-LT gateway performs the Modbus RTU / TCP conversion of all the measurements collected by the different modules distributed in the base to detect energy consumption. There are also two smart dataloggers, Z-GPRS3, and Z-LOGGER3, which are responsible for the acquisition, recording, and transmission of signals from equipment distributed in the base via Modbus TCP network. In this way, the values of water consumption, fuel consumption, energy supplied by the generators, irradiation level and temperature of the photovoltaic cells are constantly monitored and then transmitted to a local Scada. This is a technological challenge in extreme conditions to which SENECA instruments are responding with the reliability and robustness that distinguishes them.