Product Data Recorder
Description Software for recording, displaying and archiving data via ModBUS channels.
Supported communication ports RS232
Supported protocols ModBUS RTU
Supported devices SENECA I/O Modules
Third-party I/O Modules
(with or without PLC / sofPLC)
Data recording sampling time  From a minimum of 1s to a maximum of 24h
Simultaneous manageable display pages 64
Maximum display per page 48
Max pens per chart 8
License included in the download licence 2 channels (free and unlimited)
HW licenses available with one-time purchase 2-channel license and PLUS functions
4-channel license
4-channel license and PLUS functions
8-channel license
8-channel license and PLUS functions
16-channel license
16-channel license and PLUS functions
32-channel license
32-channel license and PLUS functions
64-channel license
64-channel license and PLUS functions
Unlimited channel license
Unlimited channel license and PLUS functions
Supported operating systems Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Vista, XP
Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003
Registration Manual
On Event
Real-time visualization In pen or display mode (digit)
Historical data visualization Tramite free dedicated Trend Viewer tool
Special function Advanced calibration for temperature sensors via linear interpolation - 1 to 5 points per channel
Archiving On file .CSV format 
OPC server (UA)
OPC server (DA)
Alarms Advanced alarm management functions with implementation of digital outputs. For each channel there are 4 thresholds available (high alarm, high alarm, low alarm, low alarm) in display and storage on database
1 write alarm threshold on an output channel
Reportistics Reports management with trigger events
Mathematical functions Arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /, ^)
Boolean operators (AND, OR, XOR, NOT)
Analog functions (Sin(), Cos(), Tan(), Sqrt(), exp(), ln(), log(), int(), sgn())
Temperature Saturation
PLUS functions  
Multi-Client | Multi-DB Lets you run multiple simultaneous sessions associated with separate DBs on the same workstation.

Handbücher, Flyer

User Manual
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General specifications
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REACH and ROHS declarations
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Customs codes
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