Order code : Z-AIR-1
Description: Radiomodem with RS485 interface and integrated antenna
Power Supply: 9 – 32 Vdc
Bandwidth: 868 – 870 MHz
Range: Up to 7 km in open field with directive antenna in dominant position
Data rate: 9.600 bps (@ 25 kHz); 19.200 bps (@ 50 kHz)
Operating modes Point-to-point, Point-to-multipoint, broadcasting, digirepetear; routing charts supported for forwarding
Communication via RS485 The serial port is factory set at 9,600 bps (Baud Rate) 8N1, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configuration.

If it is necessary to program the instrument with a different operating mode/boud rate/protocol, it is necessary to have an RS485/USB converter (please see accessories TAB).

If you need the device configured in mode 8N2 please make explicit request in the order notes.
Antenna: λ/2 embedded
Modulation: 9K00F1D (@ 25 kHz); 18K00F1D (@ 50 kHz)
Operating temperature: -30..+60 °C
Dimension: Ø 40 x L 420 mm
Degree of protection: IP65
Receiver: CLASSE 2 - LBT e AGILITY
Interface: RS485; data rate 1.200 - 57.600 bps; Communication mode Half /Full Duplex
Conformity: CE

Manuels, prospectus

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Quick start
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Installation Manual
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User Manual
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Z-AIR-1 Setup
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CE Declaration of conformity
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REACH and ROHS declarations
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Customs codes
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Accessoire obligatoire


RS485/USB serial converter, portable version

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RS232/USB, TTL/USB, RS485/USB serial converter

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