Requirements: VMWare environment licensed on existing IT server/hardware
Minimum resources to be allocated: 2 CORE, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage
Infrastructure: MultiClient-Server
System configuration: Easy VPN network configuration
Server Configuration with free specific software
Enabling SSLv3/TLSv1 for remote access connections
Update via USB Flash drive
Connectivity: VPN-IoT
Operating modes: Remote control (Single LAN connection - ALWAYS ON)
Remote maintenance (Point-to-Point connection - ON DEMAND)
Remote control (Single LAN connection - ALWAYS ON)
Multiple networks supported: One VPN BOX configured for a single LAN can manage up to 496 simultaneous networks
Typical applications: Monitoring, remote maintenance, supervision, data acquisition, local automation, alarms management
Connection type: Contemporary and always active
All remote sites are connected as in a wide single LAN
Connection between different networks (i.e. 192.168.10.x, 192.168.20.x, 192.168.30.x…)
Communication between plants: Yes, plants are visible and accessible from users and other plants of the VPN network
Multi-user Management: Not available, users and plants can communicate with each other
Benefits: Remote and simultaneous access to different plants/machinery
It is possible to connect devices as if you were in the field (local)
Integration of heterogeneous networks
Remote maintenance (Point-to-Point connection - ON DEMAND)
Multiple networks supported: One VPN BOX configured for P2P connections can manage an infinite number of networks
Typical applications: Remote maintenance, diagnostics, startup plant, real-time customers support and assistance
Connection type: On-demand upon request and NOT contemporaneous
P2P between user workstation and remote device/machinery/plant
Direct connection, one user connected to the single plant
Communication between plants: Not available
Multi-user management: Yes, VPN BOX can manage user-plant associations
Benefits: Logistical and maintenance costs drastically reduced
Machinery remote control
Different users profiling

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