Power supply 115 / 230 Vac ± 50-60 Hz; 24 Vac/dc
Power transducers 24 Vdc, 30 mA
Power consumption 10 VA
Serial port Isolated RS232 (programming, PC connection)
Display LCD back lightened display with 2 rows x 16 chars
LED status indicators Nr. 18 motor status (3 for each of the 6 controllable machines)
Nr. 1 alarm status
Thermal stability ±0,005% /°C
Linearity ±0,1%
Optoisalated input channels Nr 2 Analog input
Nr 6 digital contacts
Optoisalated output channels Nr 6 SPST relays
Nr 1 SPDT relay
Nr 1 digital contact open collector
Nr 2 analog output
Operating temperature 0..50 °C
Housing Noryl self-extinguished V0
Front protection Polycarbonate membrane
Connections Back removable terminals, serial
interface DB9 connector
Dimension (w x h x d) 144 x 72 x 121 mm
Panel dimension 135 x 67 mm
Weight 800 g
Software software SOF6000
fronta panel buttons

Manuels, prospectus

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Manuale Utente
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Software di programmazione S6000
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Dichiarazione di conformita
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Dichiarazione REACH e ROHS
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