Order code : S604B-ROG
Description: KIT with S604B power meter and three Rogowski coils with the same lenght
Power Supply: 180..285 Vac (self powered models)
85..265 Vac (auxiliary powered models)
Display: Backlighted LCD 43x29 mm
Harmonics: No
Recordings: Average values for active & reactive powers
Memory for data logs: 1 MB
Accuracy: 0,2% (voltage), 0,4% (current), 0,5% (power)
Connections: 3 per Rogowski coils input
Interfaces: RS485, LAN
Certifications: CE
Dimension: 72x90x65 mm

Manuels, prospectus

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Fiche technique
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Sistemi di monitoraggio Energia
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Quick Start Guide
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Manuel de l 'Utilisateur
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Information on Programming System
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Déclaration de conformité CE
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Dichiarazione REACH e ROHS
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Déclaration d’Origine
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