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Data Recorder 2.0 is a complete DAQ software born from SENECA's experience in data acquisition systems. A DAQ system designed for professionals, maintainers, students, researchers, designers and technical managers active in test, measurement, simulation and inspection sessions.


title: Data Recorder 2.0 - My first project

description: Introduction and project development. Software that meets the requirements of a complete DAQ, easy to use, multi-connection, open to all ModBUS TCP and ModBUS RTU devices, scalable and integrable into enterprise systems (MES, ERP, SCADA), cost-effective and much more...

Why use DAQ software

Basic setup

  • Configuration of Modbus communication connections and networks
  • Configuration of tags, variables, channels
  • Commands and management of manual and automatic recordings

Advanced Functions

  • Mathematical functions, equations of state
  • Calibration management
  • Alarm management
  • Reporting

Data presentation

  • Trend Viewer 2.0: real-time display mode, historical archive consultation
  • Data access and export


date: May 13th, 2021

time: 15:00 (UTC+2)

duration: 45 min.

speaker: Luca Signorin (Product Manager)


language: English

platform: Microsoft TEAMS

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