Power supply 10..40 Vdc; 19..28 Vac
Auxiliary voltage output 12 Vdc / 40 mA
Max. absorption 3 W
Max insulation 1,5 kVac
LED status indicators Power supply
I/O's status
STS (IP / DHCP address)
RX / TX (Data Rx/Tx via RS485)
Ethernet TRF / LNK
Input channels 16 DI
tipo: PNP con alim. interna/esterna, NPN con alim. Interna
tensione: Soglia OFF / ON: <8 V; > 9 V
frequenza max: 5 kHz, contatori ritentivi 32 bit
corrente assorbita: 2,25 mA
conformità: IEC 6113-2 Type 1 & 3
Output channels 8 DO isolated one each other
type: SPST relays contact 
Voltage/Current mx: 30 V ac-dc / 1 A
Response time: 20 ms (P2P)
Duration of contacts: 5*106 op. mec. / 105 op. with load
Supported protocols ModBUS RTU, ModBUS TCP-IP, http
Features Dual Daisy Chain Ethernet Connection
LAN fault bypass (active connection between the two Ethernet ports of the device in case of power failure)
Max 32 Peer to Peer Rules (I/O Mirror) - No Master required
Frequency Meters, TON, TOFF, Period
ModBUS Passthrough (TCP-IP to RS485)
Identification and configuration IP, MAC, Firmware via SDD tool
Memory FeRAM for counters backup
Communication interfaces Nr. 2 Ethernet ports (with fault-bypass LAN function) 10/100 baseT on RJ45
Nr. 1 RS485 port on terminals M23-M24-M25
Nr. 1 Micro USB (programming)
Communication speed Up to 115.200 bps (RS485) / 100 Mbps (TCP-IP)
ModBUS communication Up to 64 nodes without repeater and max speed 115 kbps 
Programming SENECA Studio (configuration tool)
Embedded Web Server
Protection degree IP20
Housing Material PC / ABS self-extinguishing UL94-V0, black color
Connections Terminals pitch 3.5 mm, Micro USB connector and double RJ45 connector
Mounting On DIN rail EN 60715, wall-mounted / panel-mounted
Operating temperature -20..+65°C
Dimension (WxHxD) 106 x 90 x 32 mm
Weight 170 g
Certifications CE
Norms EN61000-6-4, EN61000-6-2, EN61010-1

Manuals, flyers

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Installation Manual
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User manual
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Multi IT EN
Firmware 00997- (please read the release notes)
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Firmware 00997- (please read the release notes)
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Firmware 00997- (please read the release notes)
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3D Model
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CE Declaration of Conformity
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REACH and ROHS declarations
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Origin Declaration
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